10 Mindset Shifts to Unleash the Transformative Power of Performance Measurement

November 24, 2010 by Stacey Barr


This is a 1 hour audio class on the topic of “10 Mindset Shifts to Unleash the Transformative Power of Performance Measurement” which, in summary, are:

Mindset Shift 1: A continuous improvement philosophy.
Mindset Shift 2: A results focus (not activity focus).
Mindset Shift 3: Patterns, not points (understand variation).
Mindset Shift 4: Statistics & numbers aren’t hard.
Mindset Shift 5: Absolutely no blame (curiosity instead).
Mindset Shift 6: A bias for action (learn by doing).
Mindset Shift 7: Process thinking.
Mindset Shift 8: Systems thinking.
Mindset Shift 9: No failure, only feedback.
Mindset Shift 10: Performance measurement is PART of your job.

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  1. how do we get rid of bias and work on performance measurement is a challenge specially when we measure non measurable activities

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