Create a “straw man” KPI implementation

by Stacey Barr |

The definition of KPI insanity is this:

Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting better performance measures!!

If you want better measures or KPIs you MUST take a different approach to the one you’ve been using so far.

A great way to experiment with a different (and better) approach, is to create a “straw man” application of that approach. This just means that you focus on one goal to measure, and test out an entire approach as a simulation of measuring that goal.

This is what we do at the PuMP Blueprint Workshop: I teach you the step-by-step performance measure blueprint, and at each step you use the PuMP template I give you to design and bring to life your new KPI or performance measure.

So bring along a hard-to-measure goal or objective to our next PuMP Blueprint Workshop, which is in Brisbane on June 19 & 20, and leave the workshop with a brand-spanking new and improved KPI, as well as the blueprint to measure anything more easily and quickly and meaningfully!

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