How to Measure Workplace Urgency

by Stacey Barr |

In this live demonstration, Stacey Barr facilitates productivity expert Dermot Crowley to measure workplace urgency, using two powerful techniques from PuMP.

Dermot Crowley, Adapt Productivity

Dermot Crowley has become one of Australia’s leading thought leaders on productivity. His training and coaching programs change behaviours, and help participants to apply the principles to their existing technology, such as MS Outlook, smartphones and tablets. Dermot is the bestselling author of two books published by Wiley: ‘Smart Work’ and ‘Smart Teams’.

One thing that Dermot has a bee in his bonnett about is workplace urgency, and how strongly it drives what happens in organisations today. He isn’t saying urgency is bad, but he does believe that false urgency is real problem:

“It doesn’t matter where I go, I tend to find that urgency tends to drive a lot of our activity… [but] it’s not enough to just say urgency is bad. And coming out of Harvard, what I realised was, what people need is a way of moderating urgency because sometimes it’s good and we need to get that traction. So we need to be able to dial it up sometimes, but we also need to be able to dial it down.”

Like any result we want to have more influence over, workplace urgency can be worth measuring. But even for a productivity expert like Dermot Crowley, the way to meaningfully measure workplace urgency isn’t obvious. At least, not until he experienced the PuMP techniques of Measurability Tests and Measure Design:

“I have to say that it seems like a very nebulous topic and it’s prevalent in every workplace. I’m not sure a lot of people have really thought in detail about what it really is, but for me this has given a lot of very concrete detail to how it could be measured. And I think the end result is, it’s obviously very measurable.”

Find out how we measure workplace urgency, in this collaborative case study of applying PuMP’s Measurability Tests and Measure Design techniques…

“Workplace urgency seems like a very nebulous topic and it’s prevalent in every workplace. PuMP has given a lot of very concrete detail to how it could be measured.” – Dermot Crowley
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