NEWS: David Parmenter’s MasterClass on Rolling Planning

March 7, 2014 by Stacey Barr

My friend David Parmenter, author of “Key Performance Indicators”, has some upcoming classes in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney on quarterly rolling planning as an important management tool: March Master Class: Implementing Rolling Planning – a solution to the dysfunctional annual planning process

This course will explain why the quarterly rolling planning (QRP) is the most important management tool of this decade and how QRP is a more involved form of rolling forecasting. It will also show how QRP will revolutionise your company, removing the shackles of the often dysfunctional annual planning process. The Master class will include an in-depth “how to” implement guide, case studies and an outline of the forecasting and planning tools currently available. For more details see attached brochure.

What you will take away from the day

  • There are five reasons why the corporate accountants in your organisation should attend this course:
  • A comprehensive 80 page white paper valued at $200 for each session.
  • An understanding of the leading practices that you can implement immediately
  • Access to the electronic templates to get you started
  • A chance to share progress and discuss issues with fellow participants during the workshop exercises
  • 7 CPE hours for each session attended

This one day course delivered, in association with NZICA, will have a profound impact on the contribution and legacy of all attendees.

The objective is to bring the latest winning finance team practices, gathered by David Parmenter from his research, book writing and international workshops.

Click here for more information and to register.


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