Podcast Episode #4 – Overcoming Objections to Measuring Performance

December 7, 2010 by Stacey Barr


Article: How to Rebut 3 Common Objections to Measuring Performance.
Q&A: Does linking salaries and rewards to performance change people’s attitudes and behaviour to ensure effectiveness?
Quick Tip: What to do when you don’t have the buy-in to start measuring performance.

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  1. Marc Cohen says:

    Yes, objections arise based upon past performance (good or bad). It doesn’t take a “rocket scientist” to see that the needs, wants and inclinations of consumers and people are changing more frequently than in past decades. Social networks have created a very transparent world where “mood” can be created via spontaneous combustion of tweets and facebook notifications, text messages and video sharing.
    Years ago there was little need for information to be realtime.With proliferation of KPI Dashboards across a broad spectrum of business, the “last man” to latch on, will most likely be the first to fall.

  2. Stacey Barr says:

    Wise words, Marc. Performance measures are the feedback we need to quickly check the pulse of how our businesses are performing, and how the market is responding. But we do have to be careful not to knee-jerk react to some of the ‘spontaneous combustion’ that erupts from social networks, otherwise we’ll just add more variation to performance, by changing things constantly in reaction to small-sample data, and end up with chaos. As quickly as these issues flare up in the social networks, many of them peter out.

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