QUESTION: How Do I Measure Staff Performance?

by Stacey Barr |

Hundreds of subscribers to Measure Up ask me how to successfully measure staff performance. If you’ve known me for long enough, you’ll know I will say: DON’T!!

For reasons based in research and experience and personal values, I am not an advocate at all of measuring people. But I am curious about why so many people are so keen to do it.

can of worms

I’ve posted a few articles over the years about the risks of measuring the performance of people.

But maybe I’ve got it all wrong? Loads and loads of people still want to measure staff performance (they admit they struggle with HOW to do it successfully).

Let’s open a can of worms together… Let’s discuss the following questions, in the comments below this post:

  • Why do you think it’s useful or important to measure staff performance?
  • What do you see as the risks?
  • How are you trying to do it?
  • What’s going right?
  • What’s going wrong?

Don’t hold back… I want to know!!

TAKE ACTION: Please share your thoughts below about why we should measure people, or why we shouldn’t, so we can start a good discussion about it. I’m sure we’ll all learn something valuable from each other!

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