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How to Get Started in the PMBO

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The PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint Online Program is going to give you all the practical and engaging learning as the live workshop, but with the fantastic convenience of learning in your own home or office, and in small bite-sized steps so it’s easier for you to implement as you learn!

Expect to have fun, to learn heaps, and to make a huge difference in your company or organisation along the way.

Performance measurement is at the heart of high performance, and you’re one of the performance leaders the world so very much needs. Can you imagine how different our world would be if all our organisations measured the right things, and let those measures guide their decisions and actions?

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Now, below you’ll find some handy information about the Performance Measure Blueprint Online Program, so you may like to print this page for reference.

How to get started

You should already have received an email with the subject line: “[PMBO] NAME, how to get started in the program now…”

This email contains instructions for how to set up your membership on the Performance Measure Blueprint Program website right now, and then you can log in and start familiarising yourself with the site.

Check your email inbox, and if you can’t find that email, and it doesn’t arrive within 10 minutes, please tell us so we can help you.

What to have on hand while you learn

The Performance Measure Blueprint is very practical and interactive, so you will get more value from it if you have on hand a few things to refer to and to work on:

  1. Your organisation’s or team’s strategic or operational or business plan (or whatever you call it) – where you have written your goals, objectives and targets for the coming year(s).
  2. Your existing performance measures or KPIs – either a list of them, their definitions, or graphs or tables of their current and historic results.
  3. Your current performance report – the document you use to report progress against your goals, objectives and initiatives.

The detailed 8-lesson program

Here’s the content we’ll cover in the 8 online lessons – it’s the 8 steps of the Performance Measure Blueprint process:

STEP 1: PuMP® Diagnostic – Fixing the focus firmly on continuous improvement.

  • Why do we struggle with performance measurement?
  • Introducing PuMP®.
  • Warming up your Measures Team to start the PuMP Blueprint.

STEP 2: Results Mapping – Making the strategy clear, focused and measurable.

  • Recognising an immeasurable strategy.
  • Why strategy is so hard to measure.
  • How the PuMP® Results Mapping technique makes strategy measurable.
  • Practice: create a Results Map from your strategy

STEP 3: Measure Design – Choosing meaningful measures that evidence results.

  • What is a performance measure, really?
  • Why traditional measure design doesn’t work.
  • How to design meaningful performance measures with the PuMP® Measure Design technique.
  • Practice: use the Measure Design technique to measure one of your results.

STEP 4: Measure Gallery – Organically building buy-in beyond the team.

  • What does buy-in look like?
  • Why people don’t buy in to performance measures.
  • How to easily and quickly stimulate more buy-in through the PuMP® Measure Gallery.
  • Practice: design your first Measure Gallery.

STEP 5: Measure Definitions – Defining and documenting  how to implement the measures.

  • How specific do we really need to be?
  • Why measures rarely come to life.
  • How to define the details for implementing your measures using the PuMP® Measure Definition technique.
  • Practice: create a Measure Definition for the measure your designed.

STEP 6: Measure Interpretation – Responding to true signals in the measures.

  • Lies, damn lies and statistics.
  • Why our traditional methods for interpreting measures are wrong.
  • How to interpret what your measures are really saying, using the PuMP® Measure Interpretation technique.
  • Practice: find out what YOUR measure has been trying to tell you.

STEP 7: Performance Reporting – Creating useful and usable performance reports that inspire action.

  • How bad can a performance report get?
  • Why measures are so often ignored.
  • How to design graphs and reports to communicate your measures using the PuMP® Report Design technique.
  • Practice: design the performance report for your measure.

STEP 8: Using Measures – Improving business processes to improve performance.

  • How performance measures give leverage to performance improvement.
  • Why most performance measures don’t improve performance.
  • How to fundamentally improve organisational performance, using the PuMP® Using Measures technique.
  • Practice: find a high leverage solution for improving performance for your new measure.

How to set up your PMBO website membership now

Here’s the link to set up your personal membership on the PMBO program website, where all the lesson replays, downloads and Q&A are organised:


After you’ve logged in at //performancemeasureblueprintonline.com, go to the “How to Start” page and make sure you listen to my warmup message (or read the transcript).

If you have questions

Debbie Brown is our Program Manager, and she does an amazing job at taking care of our customers. If you have any questions about the workshop or venue, just contact her at: [email protected]

I’m looking forward to helping you!

Can’t wait to share with you the simple, powerful steps to finally creating the most meaningful performance measures to achieve your goals this year (and beyond)!

Smiles, Stacey.
Stacey Barr
the Performance Measure Specialist

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