PuMP Partner Program

PuMP Partner Program

Your clients need expert guidance to beat the struggles they have with performance measurement, and truly get the best from all the business improvement advice you have for them. You can be the performance measurement expert in your niche, growing your business as you help more clients truly grow theirs.

And rather than figuring out how you can create a performance measurement methodology to complement your services, you can use PuMP. I’ve already invested 20 years and over 20,000 hours into the design, testing, development and systematisation of the PuMP methodology. It’s there, ready for you to leverage immediately.

As a PuMP® Partner, you’ll enjoy:

  • An immediate additional revenue stream to grow your business, because you don’t have to create and test: just deliver.
  • Earning higher revenue by using PuMP pricing models based on value, not billable hours.
  • Lowering price resistance, low-effort sales conversion, and no competitors.
  • Working less, with a streamlined PuMP delivery process and implementation templates.
  • Intrinsically enjoying your work due to the ease of using PuMP, and its profound impact on your clients.
  • Greater client impact, with raving feedback and inspiring case studies to demonstrate your expertise.
  • Connecting with your performance measurement peers to support each other with your diverse experience and networks.

To find out if a PuMP Partner license is right for you, contact Stacey Barr, creator of PuMP, for a qualifying checklist.

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