The 3 Steps To Get KPI Buy-in – Details

The First 3 Steps To Get KPI Buy-in

How To Engage Everyone For Faster, Easier
& More Meaningful Performance Measures

About this webinar replay:

Almost everyone finds performance measurement challenging, or unrewarding. They can quickly describe the struggles they have that make it feel hard, such as hard-to-measure goals, trivial measures, and no buy-in.

Watch this webinar replay: The First 3 Steps to Get KPI Buy-in, and you’ll see how you can leave your KPI struggles behind, by shifting to best practices that make measuring performance faster, easier, more engaging and refreshingly meaningful.

What you’ll learn:

This webinar is practical, not theoretical. It’s going to give you detailed how-to techniques to get your colleagues engaged and ready for meaningful performance measurement. You’ll experience these techniques first-hand as we together explore:

  1. The real reasons that performance measurement feels hard and people don’t like doing it
  2. How the current wisdom about KPIs is wrong and is making it unnecessarily hard for you
  3. What works to make measuring performance feel faster, easier, more engaging and meaningful

This webinar was the official launch of my new book, Practical Performance Measurement

Watch the replay now:

Get a notepad and pen ready, so you can write down the steps you’ll take to begin building buy-in for measuring what matters in your organisation or business. And you should probably go grab a fresh cup of coffee or tea, or tall glass of water, so you can relax into it in comfort!

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Smiles, Stacey.

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