Why Important Things Are Hard To Measure – Replay With Brook Rolter

TOPIC: One skill helps us solve the gridlock of how to meaningfully measure the most important things to measure meaningfully…


Why is it that the important things for business success are also the hardest to meaningfully measure? Important things – like ESG, DEI, employee engagement, customer-centricity, digital transformation, and almost every vision and mission statement that exists – seem too intangible and complex to measure directly.

Simple surveys, available financial data, and traditional metrics rarely offer the direct evidence we need to make worthwhile improvements in these things. Gender Quotas are not complete evidence of DEI. Greenhouse Gas Emissions is not relevant evidence for every ESG strategy.

We have a gridlock: we don’t know how to meaningfully measure the most important things to measure meaningfully. How can we break this gridlock?

In this webcast with PuMP founder Stacey Barr, and US PuMP Partner Brook Rolter, we’ll reveal the one skill your organisation needs to develop or hone, to make sure the important things are measured meaningfully. Join us and find out:

  • Two problems with how these important things are written in our strategy
  • The one skill we all need before we’ll ever be able to meaningfully measure these important things
  • A set of questions to practice, to develop this skill
  • How this skill makes measure design unbelievably easier and more meaningful

This skill we’re going to explore is part of PuMP, and you’ll get the chance to practice it throughout the webcast. So make sure to bring along one goal that is important in your organisation but has so far been hard to measure meaningfully.

Learn more about PuMP:

This webcast introduced PuMP, our deliberate performance measurement approach. You can learn more about PuMP as follows:

Watch the replay:

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Smiles, Stacey.

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