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“Which KPI Approaches Work” Find out what makes a KPI approach good, and how yours stacks up.

Wednesday, 7th February 2018,
12:00pm Vancouver time, 3:00pm Ottawa time

About this webcast:

When we try to develop measures for our goals, it can feel clunky, cumbersome and confusing. Unsatisfying. Time-wasting. Impossible, sometimes. We try harder, but end up with the same old lame KPIs. Or no KPIs.

What approach are you taking? Can you document the steps? Can you show proof that the steps you take actually are good practice in performance measurement?

Like anything worth doing, we get better results when we take a deliberate and proven approach. If you want good performance measures, you need a good approach. This webcast is about what makes a good approach to performance measurement.

In this webcast you’ll discover:

In this webcast with PuMP founder Stacey Barr, and PuMP Partner Louise Watson, we’ll examine a few common “approaches” to performance measurement, and find out what works, what doesn’t, and why. Join us and find out:

  • What the most common approaches to performance measurement are
  • What criteria define a performance measurement approach that works
  • How well your current performance measurement approach meets those criteria

Of course, Stacey and Louise want to share with you why PuMP is a performance measurement approach that works. But even more importantly, you want performance measurement to be easier, faster and more meaningful and engaging. So, join us to find out how you can make that happen.

And we’ll be promoting Louise’s next PuMP Blueprint Workshop on March 6 & 7, in Ottawa.

Meet your presenters:

Stacey Barr is a specialist in evidence-based leadership and organisational performance measurement.

Stacey is the founder of PuMP, and author of two books, Practical Performance Measurement and Prove It!.


Louise Watson is a specialist in strategic planning and President of Adura Strategy.

Louise is our PuMP Partner in Canada, and facilitates all our PuMP Blueprint Workshops in Canada.

How to register:

To join us live for this webcast, and to get access to the replay afterwards, please register below:


The webcast will be recorded, and a replay will be available until Wednesday 7th March 2018.

If you have any questions, please email us at info@stacebyarr.com.

Smiles, Stacey.

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