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Gold Coast City Council uses PuMP...

“I was first introduced to Stacey Barr and her PuMP philosophy almost 20 years ago when I was in local government and we were struggling to understand our progress towards achieving our corporate and strategic outcomes. PuMP is simple, logical and so effective that my team and I used it in the development of all our corporate strategies at Gold Coast City Council and it is still used there today.”

Steve Varady, Australasian Reporting Awards

For nearly two decades, PuMP has found its way into every sector and hundreds of industries around the entire world. It’s proven its universality as a practical and engaging performance measurement approach for every team in every organisation.

PuMP works everywhere, because it’s based on proven how-to techniques to design, align, implement, report and use performance measures to improve performance and reach targets.

Local government is one of the sectors where meaningful performance measurement is very important and currently under more scrutiny. Local government all around Australia is facing a similar challenge: how exactly to build a measurement system that supports a Council to deliver a strategic plan, develop annual budgets and demonstrate community outcomes, plus every other part of managing one of the most complex (and siloed) organisations there is.

We’ve already had hundreds of people from local councils around Australia learning and using PuMP over the last 13 years. But this PuMP Blueprint Workshop is different – it’s tailored to local government in Australia, and is open for registration exclusively for local government in Australia.

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One measurement approach to work with every local government framework...

Local government needs only one measurement approach that works everywhere, all the time, one that will:

  • avoid more complexity, in meeting the measurement requirements of all the strategic, community and operational frameworks across a vast number of services
  • support financial sustainability, in the wake of unprecedented disasters affecting our communities
  • not reinvent KPIs common to all local government, but balance the focus on internal uniqueness and priorities of local communities

“We need an engaging measurement approach that is sympathetic to the values of community, collaboration, and learning. One that guides conversations about the impacts that really matter, what most needs to be improved, and how to find the most leverage with limited resources.”

Iliada Bolton, Bega Valley Shire Council

Most people have the same struggles with KPIs…

Our struggles with measuring performance are, surprisingly, universal. They transcend organisation size, industry, sector, and even country. The most common KPI struggles, from our research, are:

  • “We can’t find meaningful measures”
  • “Our strategy is too hard to measure”
  • “KPI reporting isn’t driving improvement”
  • “People just won’t buy in to creating and using measures”

Good KPI training will provide the techniques to directly solve these common KPI struggles. But this exclusive PuMP for Local Government Workshop will dive more deeply into the specific struggles you’re facing.

KPIs are hard because of our bad KPI habits!

All of our bad KPI habits – no matter what sector we’re in – evolved through the absence of a proper and deliberate performance measurement approach. And unfortunately, they have become common KPI practice. Some are:

  • Writing goals with ‘weasel words’ like effective or efficient or sustainable, rather than with observable and unambiguous language
  • Brainstorming KPIs and measures, rather than designing them deliberately
  • Using measures to judge or evaluate, rather than to learn
  • Only measuring the activity we can control, rather than the outcomes we want to contribute to

To have more meaningful KPIs, you have to change your approach!

If you keep doing what you’ve always done to try and satisfy planning and reporting requirements in your Council, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten. Measures that are too vague, too action-oriented, have little or no buy-in, aren’t relevant, or can’t even be implemented! Instead, PuMP gives you a measure design thinking process (and structured template) to design the best measures for you, that are highly relevant and meaningful, and also feasible to implement and report.

“Training was extremely valuable with some powerful light-bulb moments. Very much challenges the status quo perspective. Much appreciated.”

PuMP is still a one of a kind in my mind. I have taken KPI training from another high-profile organisation and it didn’t compare. PuMP is a great methodology and the online training with email/blog support is excellent.”

“In terms of a workshop focused on performance measures and the importance of getting them right, this is the best I have been to. It was interesting, engaging and useful.”

How good performance measurement creates a performance culture...

We can’t wait until we have a performance culture before we focus on measuring performance.

Good performance measurement is what creates a performance culture:

  • It starts by replacing fear of judgement with a passion for learning how to lift performance.
  • Then, we set clearer goals, measure them meaningfully, at all levels of the organisation.
  • Now, we have useful information for evidence-based decisions that improve performance.
  • This becomes a natural part of how we work, we reach stretch targets, and we lead our industry.
  • We become a high-performance organisation, because what we aim for, we achieve.

To create a performance culture, our bad KPI habits must be unlearned, and replaced.

The PuMP Blueprint is the easy, fast and engaging way to replace those bad KPI habits.

The PuMP Blueprint really works!

PuMP is a true measurement methodology. It’s made up of proven, logical techniques that make it so much easier for you to choose, create and use measures to report on AND improve community outcomes and internal efficiency. There is no other approach to measurement that comes close to what PuMP can do.

PuMP is a practical and logical 8-step process:

Archimedes said “Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it and I shall move the world.” The ‘world’ is our mission, vision and goals. The lever is our strategic initiatives. The fulcrum – what makes the leverage possible – is meaningful measurement. And that’s what PuMP does.

And, of course, we use PuMP to measure the performance of PuMP…

Thousands of people have attended a PuMP Blueprint Workshop delivered by Stacey or her PuMP Partners around the world. Over 25% of participants rate the workshop as 10/10 for value, and 89% have rated the overall value as 8 or higher out of 10.

XmR chart of the overall value of public PuMP Blueprint Workshops

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“Very informative. The whole process was easy to follow especially with the use of templates provided.”

“We have been battling with the inability to design measures against our organisations goals for sometime. This training has given us an approach to develop these measures…”

“This is the most structured, comprehensive and practical approach I found relevant for my work.”

Earn professional PuMP Certification with APMG

PuMP is certified by APMG, the world’s leading accreditation and exam institute for professional certifications. You can read more at the APMG PuMP Certification information page.

“We are all very keen to start using our digital claim to PuMP certification as soon as the badge is received!” — Tania, Director, Governance and Performance

How you can get your professional PuMP Certification...

PuMP Certification demonstrates your ability to develop performance measures that are meaningful, aligned to strategy, implemented efficiently and focused on driving performance improvement. This is a powerful capability to include in your resume and give you an edge over other candidates for promotions and new positions.

When you achieve PuMP Certification, you will receive:

  1. An official certificate issued by APMG confirming your PuMP Certified status
  2. An official digital ‘PuMP Certified’ badge to use in your social media profiles, such as LinkedIn
  3. Validity of your certification lasting 5 years from the date of achieving it
  4. The option to apply for re-certification before your certification expires

After completing the workshop, you can choose to apply for PuMP Certification, and take the certification exam. It’s multiple-choice, online, takes less than an hour, and you achieve certification with a 75% score. Taking the exam is a quick, easy and fun way to review what you learned at the workshop and increase the likelihood you’ll apply PuMP successfully at work.

CONSULTANTS: PuMP Certification is, however, not the same as a PuMP Partner License. We do not endorse or provide active support to any consultant using PuMP commercially, unless they are part of our global licensed PuMP Team. We want clients who have invested in PuMP to have the most professional and expert guidance possible. If you use PuMP commercially without a license agreement with Stacey Barr Pty Ltd, then of course you must respect the trademark and copyright.

PuMP training is incredibly practical.

The workshop program guides you through the exact steps you’ll follow to implement PuMP back at work.

You’ll learn the how-to theory of PuMP’s eight steps to develop great measures. Then we’ll coach you to get your first measures drafted. And your implementation back at work is supported by:

  1. A comprehensive reference workbook.
  2. A case study of a full application of PuMP.
  3. All the ready-to-use, time-saving templates.
  4. Free membership in our PuMP Community.
  5. Free application for PuMP Certification.

“The stand-out feature of day 3 was the opportunity to apply the process to real-world problems we have in our area of Air Force strategy development & performance measurement. This helped reinforce my learning and also gave me a real-world start I can take back to my work.”

“The variety of material, case study and examples was engaging. All of my expectations were met and exceeded. Really like the approach and the product – thanks.”

“Excellent pace, mix of instruction & learning by doing and relevant to real life organisation situations.”

Our presenters are KPI and PuMP experts…

Stacey Barr, the Performance Measure Specialist, is the creator of PuMP.

Stacey has specialised in organisational performance measurement since 1993. She is known for her practicality, approachable presentation style, and innate ability to balance the technical and social sides of performance measurement. PuMP is the culmination of all her experience and research in the most practical, engaging and meaningful way to measure organisational performance.


Mark Hocknell, Licensed PuMP Partner Asia-Pacific, is your PuMP trainer.

Mark has been applying, facilitating and teaching PuMP since 2007. He specialises in performance measurement and customer centric business. Mark has an open and collaborative style, and is known for his ability to encourage and inspire people to see things in new ways.

“I’m reading other authors about performance measurement, business intelligence and KPIs… I’ve got to tell you that you stand out by a long shot and to me it’s because you are so grounded. Your approach is very practical and that’s what makes it so valuable to me.” — David Lafleur, M. Sc. Intelligence d’affaires, Architecte d’affaires BI, La Capitale, Canada

“I cannot speak highly enough of Stacey and her Performance Measure Blueprint. There is a lack of good quality performance measurement training in Australia and I highly recommend Stacey’s training as the best in the business.” — Melinda Varley, Director Business Performance Management, Australian Public Service

Mark is a great trainer who knows his stuff, and is considered in his approach to helping participants discover the answers for themselves. I really valued Mark’s training style and the approach he took throughout the workshop.”

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Learning Outcomes Learning Objectives Benefits
Help people become more aware of the struggles they have with performance measurement that are unnecessary and can be fixed with the right approach. Facilitate a discussion among colleagues about their known struggles with performance measurement, and their causes.

Describe the process of performance measurement and how it solves the common KPI struggles.

Instead of educating people in KPIs too soon, help them first appreciate why it is worth using better KPI approaches.
Guide a team of colleagues to focus on continuous improvement as the purpose of performance measurement. Understand and recognise the difference between poor and good performance measurement practices.

Facilitate a dialogue among colleagues to help them understand proper performance measurement practice.

Instead of measuring people’s performance, which creates fear, misunderstanding and lack of engagement, reframe measurement as a tool in their hands and not a rod for their backs.
Translate immeasurable strategic or operational goals into performance result statements that are clear, focused, and measurable. Understand and recognise the main features of goals that make them difficult or impossible to measure in a meaningful way.

Apply the five Measurability Tests to assess the measurability of any goal, and reword it so that it is clear, specific and measurable.

Create a relational map of measurable performance results, to make it easier and more logical to cascade a measurable strategy.

Instead of wasting time trying to measure goals that are too intangible to measure, save time by first making the goals measurable.
Choose the most feasible and relevant performance measures for any measurable performance result (or goal). Understand the limitations of common practices in choosing performance measures, such as brainstorming.

Apply the 5 steps of Measure Design to identify and evaluate potential performance measures for a performance result (goal).

Instead of brainstorming or buying KPIs that just don’t fit your organisation well enough, design the right measures for your unique organisational context and goals.
Design and provide opportunities that engage all stakeholders in a set of performance measures to build their buy-in to, and ownership of, those measures. Understand the common obstacles that prevent or limit people from buying in to performance measures.

Apply the PuMP Measure Gallery technique to make it quicker and easier for all stakeholders to learn about and contribute to a set of performance measures before they are implemented.

Instead of seeking superficial sign-off from people of a set of KPIs they should use, build their authentic buy-in and ownership.
Document the data, analysis and reporting details for each performance measure that are required to successfully implement each measure. Understand the main reasons why performance measures are unable to be implemented cost-effectively, or at all.

Apply the Measure Definition technique to document sufficient detail about each performance measure to implement it.

Instead of wasting time, money and effort collecting the wrong data in the wrong way to calculate measures, standardise the approach with detailed measure action plans.
Interpret statistically valid signals of change in performance measures, to focus on and quantify the gaps between as-is and to-be performance levels. Understand the risks of using the wrong graphical tool to display performance measures.

Interpret the signals of change in performance measures using XmR charts.

Create an XmR chart for any performance measure.

Instead of knee-jerk reacting to invalid month-to-month or current-month-to-target comparisons, use the simplest and most appropriate chart for highlighting valid signals of change in KPI performance.
Design useful and usable performance reports that facilitate actionable interpretation of performance measure results and their causes. Understand the problems with common performance report layouts that prevent actionable interpretation of performance measures.

Apply the 5 criteria of Report Design to design performance reports that are useful and usable in deciding on performance-improving actions.

Instead of buying dashboard apps that focus more on colourful dials and gauges and popular charts than on driving performance improvement, create reports that answer the only 3 questions we should ask of any KPI.
Use performance measures to guide the improvement of business processes to move as-is performance toward to-be performance. Understand the concept of high-leverage performance improvement.

Apply a logical approach to Using Measures with any type of business improvement initiative in a way that creates a high return on investment.

Instead of treating symptoms of poor performance with change initiatives that are chosen before the measures and targets, use measures to help find the root causes of performance problems and fix those.
Plan a team-based project to select, implement and use performance measures to achieve a goal. Understand the success factors of implementing a performance measurement project.

Apply the PuMP Pilot technique to design and prepare for the first implementation of PuMP with a team.

Instead of trying to roll out an organisation-wide performance measurement project all at once, start small and let the engagement and know-how and implementation grow at the right rate for your organisation’s culture.

Our exclusive PuMP for Local Government Workshop will be delivered online, for easy participation.

We are a big country and local government is the most dispersed sector we have. Travel to workshops and events can be a limitation to attending. So you don’t miss out, our PuMP for Local Government training will be delivered online.

The online PuMP Blueprint Workshop is a series of 4 half-day Zoom sessions, delivered over a 2 week span. This gives you more time in between sessions to reflect and practice even more. Each session starts promptly at 9am and wraps up by 2pm AEST (10am – 3pm AEDT / 7am – 12pm AWST).

These online workshops cover the same material as the traditional on-site 3-day workshop. They are supported by the same physical training resources (which we post to you). And they include online small-group activities for a nice amount of interaction and connection with your fellow workshop participants. They are presented and facilitated using Zoom.

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“I’m looking forward to using this system to support the service delivery in terms of business improvement on a task I’ve been waiting to work on for a number of months… I’m glad that I’ve completed it and that it is a recognised qualification that I could add to my CV. I think the training is very relevant to what my role is.” — Gerard McNamee, Senior Advisor, Operational Planning and Development, Ministry for Primary Industries, New Zealand

The PuMP process is amazing. It works. And it works at both extremes of the org chart! People like to label things as a ‘game changer’. Well the PuMP Blueprint IS.” — Karen Howard, a local government organization, California, USA

I really enjoyed the PuMP Blueprint workshop because it was tailored to our business. In addition to the comprehensive course materials, our instructor incorporated our own information as we worked through each of the steps in the Blueprint. This made the learning more relevant and useful.” — Denise Hoffman, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC)

Engaging, relaxed and interactive...

We’ll take excellent care of you:

  • We limit the instructor/participant ratio so you get quality learning and personalised attention.
  • We guide you in how to prepare, what to bring, and how to join or get to the workshop.
  • The atmosphere is casual, friendly, interactive.
  • You get personalised coaching from your instructor during the activities.

The workshop was brilliantly paced – normally on other full day workshops one can struggle to retain attention whereas at PuMP the pace was a good mix of listen, learn and apply steps, then break cycle.” — Steve Holley MBA BEng, Head of ICT Customer and Business Support, Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Register for our next PuMP for Local Government Workshop here:

If you think a private workshop, just for your Council, would suit you better, please contact us for more information at [email protected].

Following are the fees for  PuMP Performance Measure Blueprint Workshops we have in Australia and New Zealand, for 2023. All amounts are in Australian dollars (AUD) and Australian workshops incur a 10% GST.

Full fee: $3450AUD per person
($3795 with GST)
Early Bird rate: $2760AUD per person
($3036 with GST)
Group rate : $2760AUD per person
($3036 with GST)
Group bookings are for 2 or more people from the same organisation, in the same booking. We offer the discount because a group booking saves us time and effort. If you don’t register colleagues in the same booking, the group discount therefore no longer applies, and is not retrospective.

A condition of registering for this event is your agreement to the terms & conditions.


Online, via Zoom 4 Half-Day Relaxed 15-16 & 20-21 November, 2023 Mark Hocknell Registration Closed
Online, via Zoom 5 Half-Day Relaxed 21-22 & 26-28 August, 2024 Mark Hocknell Registration Opening Soon

If you cannot register online, you can download our offline registration form, fill it out, scan it and email back to us at [email protected].

Click here to read the Terms & Conditions for workshops hosted by Stacey Barr Pty Ltd...

Our licensed Partners may have different terms and conditions to ours, since they operate in different countries with different circumstances.


If during the workshop you decide to withdraw from it, and wish to obtain your money-back guarantee, you must do so either at the workshop, or in writing within 3 months of your attendance at the workshop.

Cancellation Policy

You may make substitutions at any time prior to the workshop. No substitutions can be accepted after the workshop start. Cancellations and transfers to a future course will incur a $198 service fee per registrant. Registered participants who do not attend the workshop or who cancel less than 2 weeks prior to the workshop either forfeit the workshop fee or can transfer to a subsequent workshop (one transfer only).

Program Changes

Stacey Barr reserves the right to alter dates and/or times of the workshop if registration criteria are not met or if conditions beyond her control occur. All efforts will be made to contact each registrant if changes occur. If the program is not held for any reason, Stacey’s liability is limited to the workshop fee only.

* Early Bird Rate

To qualify for the Early Bird rate we must receive your registration and payment on or before the Early Bird dates listed to the right, with the workshop locations. We want to be fair to everyone! Early Bird rate and Group Booking discount cannot be combined.

** Group Bookings

The group discount is for 2 or more people from the same organisation in the same booking.

Intellectual Property

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