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For great measures, you need a deliberate methodology, not a list of industry KPIs.

If you want good performance measures, you have to deal with the “people issues” at least as much as the technical issues to do with performance measurement. For example, it’s one thing to know the 5 steps to design meaningful measures, but it’s another thing entirely to use these 5 steps to engage people in a dialogue through which they create measures they feel excited about, and have a lot of ownership of.

PuMP® is a performance measurement methodology that strikes a practical balance between the social and technical sides of measuring performance. It’s the methodology I’ve been using and developing ever since the early 1990’s. And it’s used by hundreds of organisations and business all around the world.

There are several ways you can start learning and using the PuMP® methodology in your organisation now:

Give your Strategy and Performance team a real performance measurement methodology.

PuMP® Blueprint Workshop

This 2-day public workshop, which I run a few times each year in Australia and around the world, is one of the best ways to learn the step by step process of performance measurement, from deciding what results to measure, designing measures, getting buy-in, through to reporting and using measures for performance improvement.

You can find the next scheduled PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint Workshops on the detailed workshop webpage.

PuMP® Blueprint Online Program

Can’t travel? Learn the PuMP® Blueprint online, any time. This is the online self-paced version of the PuMP® Blueprint Workshop, delivered to you via a series of 8 online classes, supported by loads of resources: workbooks, templates, examples, transcripts and more.

This is fantastic for following along and applying the PuMP® Blueprint as you learn it, at your own pace and without the need for travel or taking huge chunks of time away from work or family.

Register now for immediate access to start your self-paced PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint Online Program at the program’s membership website.

Your own in-house PuMP® Blueprint Workshop

Build your organisation’s performance measurement capability, before you cascade your strategy. Your staff can learn the practical steps of performance measurement around their own work functions and your organisation’s strategic goals. And they can become your Performance Measurement Community of Practice, helping their colleagues to measure what matters: quickly, engagingly and very practically.

Read more and register your interest for a PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint In-house Workshop on the detailed workshop webpage.

Get help to meaningfully measure your strategy, quickly.

Evidence-Based Leadership Program

In a half-day explorative training, followed by a 2-day Strategic KPI Immersion, we produce a concise set of Strategic KPIs to monitor the outcomes of your strategy: the success of your business or organisation. It’s highly interactive and practical, as we guide you to make your strategic goals measurable and work with you to design the best KPIs (performance measures) for those goals. You’ll have a powerful Results Map to help you communicate and cascade your strategy, and the designs for great strategic performance measures.

Read more and register your interest for a Evidence-Based Leadership Program on the detailed webpage.

Become a professionally trained performance measurement facilitator.

PuMP® Professional Program

The PuMP® Professional Program responds to the growing need for performance measurement facilitation skills in large organisations and companies. And people like you are recognising you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or repeat the same mistakes of the past when helping people with performance measurement.

This is an advanced program designed to teach you how to lead teams throughout your organisation through the development of performance measures using PuMP®. You’re supported with very extensive PuMP® Facilitator Kits brimming with reference materials, templates, tools and delivery resources so you can confidently hit the ground, running!

This program is by application only, and you must have completed the PuMP® Blueprint Workshop or Online Program as a pre-requisite. Contact me if you’re keen about learning more.

Hire us to facilitate the design and implementation of performance measures, organisation-wide

PuMP® Implementer Program

The PuMP® Implementer Program is a tailored package delivered by a licensed PuMP® Consultant, who facilitates your team to design and implement a set of performance measures to monitor and improve your business performance. We don’t stop at selecting the measures: we do a full PuMP implementation which means using those measures to improve performance too.

Some of the biggest discoveries that participants in these workshops consistently have are:

  • clarity about the value they contribute to the organisation
  • the realisation that fluffy and intangible results are measurable and worthwhile measuring
  • the relief that comes from a sharper focus on what matters most.

Contact me if you’re keen about learning more.

Join our team!

Licensed PuMP® Partner Program

If you’re an experienced consultant specialising in strategy management, performance management, business intelligence or other fields where performance measurement is of paramount importance, you could join our global team of PuMP® Partners.

Contact me if you’re keen about learning more.

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