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Stacey speaks to audiences of executives, managers, strategy and performance professionals to demystify why they struggle so much with measuring performance, and to inspire and equip them with practical insights about how to measure what matters, and accelerate toward performance excellence.

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Her style is uniquely engaging, practical, and casually interactive. Stacey speaks on any of the topics below, or a topic tailored for your audience, ranging from 20 minutes to 3 hours, and either on-stage or online.

“Thank you once again for your recent presentation at the Local Government Conference. It was a pleasure to have you join us. Your session was listed by some delegates as a ‘Conference Highlight’. Of those delegates who completed a feedback form, 33% of respondents rated your workshop as ‘excellent’ and 67% rated it as ‘good’ which is a very pleasing result. We wish you all the very best for your future endeavours and would certainly have no hesitation in recommending you to other Associations seeking quality conference speakers.” — Stephanie Watson, Communications Manager, Local Government Association of Tasmania

WEASEL WORD ALERT: Why your Strategic Plan isn’t measurable.

If the direction of the organisation isn’t articulated properly, it won’t be understood, it won’t be measurable and it won’t be achieved. Find out what goes wrong with how strategy is articulated, how to diagnose and fix those problems, so you can get everyone in your business or organisation aligned on the same path to performance excellence.
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BAD KPI HABITS: The bad habits at the root of all struggles to measure performance.

The primary reason we struggle to measure performance meaningfully is a collection of bad habits people have when it comes to performance measurement activities. And they’re habits most people don’t even know they have! Find out which of these bad habits you have, and how to change them for much more successful performance measurement practices, so you can find the most meaningful KPIs, faster and easier.
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KPI BUY-IN: Engaging everyone to pursue performance excellence through measurement.

There are 3 embedded practices in organisations today that prevent people from buying in to the strategic goals and KPIs. These practices are at the root of the cynicism and apathy they feel toward the company strategy and even their own goals, and no amount of communicating and consulting will fix this. Find out what these practices are, and what to do instead to build a performance culture where everyone is excitedly contributing to business/organisational success.
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THE PERFORMANCE MEASURE BLUEPRINT: Secrets to a successful performance measurement process.

Performance measurement is a process, not an event. And when you understand the core steps of this process, you have more power to make performance measurement work well, as it should. Discover the little-known secrets to success in each of the eight steps of the performance measurement process.
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“We were delighted to have Stacey present at our first ever conference. Not only was her highly original topic very well received, but her engaging style and generous nature won her a well deserved nine out of ten in delegate feedback. We’d definitely have Stacey back again.” — Robert Gerrish, Founder of Flying Solo, Australia’s community for solo and micro business.

If you’re after something a bit meatier…

The PuMP Performance Measure Blueprint Workshop

The 2-day PuMP Performance Measure Blueprint Workshop provides practical and proven step-by-step techniques to help managers, strategy and performance professionals make their goals measurable, find meaningful performance measures, engage staff in measuring and improvement performance, and use measures to drive performance excellence.

Read more about the PuMP Blueprint Workshop here.

How to book Stacey for your event…

Firstly, download Stacey’s speaking topics, to find the topic that suits your event and audience.

Then, to make an enquiry about booking Stacey to speak at your next event, please send an email to [email protected] and include the following information so we can reply to you with a quote:

  1. Your event title and agenda
  2. Location of your event
  3. Proposed dates
  4. Audience size
  5. The roles and organisation types of your audience members
  6. How experienced your audience is likely to be in strategy and performance management/measurement
  7. What specific performance management/measurement topics are most relevant your audience
  8. Your preferred length and timing of Stacey’s presentation
  9. Your contact details

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