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Improving Strategy With A Better Measurement Approach
When we integrate a better performance measurement approach into the strategy processes we...
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Accelerate KPI Buy-In With A Measures Team
Don’t outsource KPI development or do it alone. You’ll get much greater KPI...
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How Many KPIs Do You Need?
I'm going to share with you my secret formula for the right number of KPIs or performance measures that you
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How to Explain the Value of XmR Charts for KPIs
XmR charts are more complex than line charts for KPIs, and until people...
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Can We Measure Performance Without a Strategic Direction?
We can measure anything without a strategic direction or plan, that doesn’t mean...
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5 Tips For Setting Up KPIs in Spreadsheets
When it’s not possible to automate your performance measure or KPI’s calculation, a...
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How to Make Performance Measures and KPIs More Exciting
Shift people out of their negative feelings about performance measures and KPIs by...
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How to Position the Value of KPIs and Performance Measures
To engage leaders, managers and teams in better performance measurement, we must position...
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goal setting chalkboard
Are Your Goals Measure-Worthy If They Are SMART?
There are indeed a few different opinions out there about what makes a goal worth measuring. So why are so
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KPIs, Targets or Initiatives – Which Comes First?
A weird thing happens in many organisations’ planning processes. They choose their strategic goals, then their strategic initiatives, then targets
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Why Do You Measure Performance?
Management gurus like Peter Drucker have long since put to bed the idea that measuring performance really does improve performance
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How to Measure the Performance of Webcasts
My team and I host a lot of webcasts as part of our...
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How to Align Your OKR vs KPI Terminology
Terminology with KPIs, performance management, OKRs and strategy often misaligns and confuses people....
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Using Targets to Set Your Success Trajectory
Should targets be achievable, or stretch? And how do we decide? Well, using...
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How To Engage Managers To Measure Performance
It’s always going to be harder, longer and more painful to embed good...
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Get Buy-in for KPI Targets
Setting and achieving performance targets for KPIs is about the heart just as...
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Want Great KPIs? You Have to Get Sensory…
The building blocks of KPIs and performance measures is detectable evidence. And evidence...
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The Steps of PuMP in Detail
While this won’t teach you how to implement PuMP for great KPIs, it...
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How Can You Prove They Need Better KPIs?
No-one will put effort and time into better performance measures or KPIs, if...
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4-Step Recipe for Writing a Quantitative Measure
Writing a good performance measure requires four essential parts to make it both...
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How to Build a KPI Example to Engage Anyone
You can create a KPI example that can quickly engage leaders or colleagues...
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How to Test if Leaders Mistakenly Believe They Are KPI Masters
It’s impossible for an organisation to master proper performance measurement when the leadership...
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3 Ways to Successfully Adopt a New KPI Approach
Brook Rolter, our licensed PuMP Contractor based in the US, shares his experience...
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A New KPI Approach is not a Bolt-On, it’s a Rebuild
If an organisation is going to adopt a better performance measurement approach, the...
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How to Find Lead Indicators
Lead indicators can be powerful performance measures for predicting and influencing our lag...
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5 Reasons Why Their KPIs Are Wrong For You
It’s easy to adopt KPIs from other organisations in your industry. But look...
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The Balanced Scorecard Doesn’t Properly Cascade and Align KPIs
Balanced Scorecard Strategy Maps are popular, but they are not the best way...
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How the United Nations Used PuMP’s Results Map to Measure Value
The PuMP Results Map facilitated a paradigm shift in the approach recommended by...
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How Good Performance Measurement Equals Strategy Implementation
There are four things that are vital to strategy execution or implementation, that...
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