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How to Use AI to Select KPIs and Performance Measures
With so many AI KPI generators available now, what’s the best way to...
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9 Mindset Shifts to Bridge the Strategy-Execution Gap
Use these 9 actionable mindset shifts to close the gap between strategy design...
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How to Measure Government Outcomes
Governments need outcome measures as evidence to prove success. But there are five...
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The 3 Stages of the Strategic Performance Management Process
To get the most value from the performance management frameworks we use, like...
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Why the Important Things Are So Hard to Measure
ESG and DEI are examples of things that are strategically important to business...
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The Piece Missing From Every Strategy Framework
If you’re not happy with the KPIs in your OKRs or Balanced Scorecard...
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Make Measurement Meaningful
This excerpt of the full white paper explains the missing piece to measure...
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Decision Tree: Do We Need a KPI?
How to decide if you need to measure a specific result or goal...
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Setting Sensible Targets For Your KPIs
Target-setting is rife with worries like being achievable versus stretch, motivating people to pursue them, figuring out how to measure
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Five Steps For a Fast Performance Dashboard
Many (most?) performance dashboard projects get stalled because people jump the gun and focus too much on the whiz-bangery of
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Start Small When You Get Started With KPIs
Starting with too many KPIs still remains a huge mistake that too many...
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Making Time to Measure Better
The irony is that if we don’t make time for better measurement now,...
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Psychological Safety for Successful KPI Transformations
Here are 13 practical ways to nurture psychological safety in your organisation, so...
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The Worst KPI Question You Can Answer
The most common question people ask when they need performance measures (for whatever...
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Designing a Corporate KPI Community of Practice
What separates organisations that get traction with their performance measurement from those that...
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How to Handle Missing Data in Your KPIs
Missing data for your KPIs could mean you’re missing important signals. Here are...
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Improving Strategy With A Better Measurement Approach
When we integrate a better performance measurement approach into the strategy processes we...
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Accelerate KPI Buy-In With A Measures Team
Don’t outsource KPI development or do it alone. You’ll get much greater KPI...
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How Many KPIs Do You Need?
I'm going to share with you my secret formula for the right number of KPIs or performance measures that you
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How to Explain the Value of XmR Charts for KPIs
XmR charts are more complex than line charts for KPIs, and until people...
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Can We Measure Performance Without a Strategic Direction?
We can measure anything without a strategic direction or plan, that doesn’t mean...
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5 Tips For Setting Up KPIs in Spreadsheets
When it’s not possible to automate your performance measure or KPI’s calculation, a...
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How to Make Performance Measures and KPIs More Exciting
Shift people out of their negative feelings about performance measures and KPIs by...
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How to Position the Value of KPIs and Performance Measures
To engage leaders, managers and teams in better performance measurement, we must position...
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goal setting chalkboard
Are Your Goals Measure-Worthy If They Are SMART?
There are indeed a few different opinions out there about what makes a goal worth measuring. So why are so
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KPIs, Targets or Initiatives – Which Comes First?
A weird thing happens in many organisations’ planning processes. They choose their strategic goals, then their strategic initiatives, then targets
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Why Do You Measure Performance?
Management gurus like Peter Drucker have long since put to bed the idea that measuring performance really does improve performance
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How to Measure the Performance of Webcasts
My team and I host a lot of webcasts as part of our...
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How to Align Your OKR vs KPI Terminology
Terminology with KPIs, performance management, OKRs and strategy often misaligns and confuses people....
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