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How to Measure ESG Performance
ESG – or Environmental Social and Governance – performance measures abound, but which...
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Which Performance Measure Method Produces the Best KPIs
This research shows with performance measure method produces KPIs that have the best...
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How Do KPIs Integrate with EFQM, Baldrige and ABEF?
Business excellence models like EFQM, Baldrige and ABEF put priority on proper performance...
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5 Conversation Starters to Reframe Measurement’s Relationship to Change
If your colleagues don’t yet see how performance measurement supports change, try these...
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The Role of Measurement Through Overwhelming Change
How can we still use better performance measurement without adding it as another...
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Are Percentages Always Better Than Counts to Measure Performance?
The debate continues about whether percentages are always better to understand performance, rather...
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Performance Measurement is for Truth Seekers
Who is the true audience for performance measures, metrics and KPIs?
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A Performance Culture is a Journey, Not A Destination
Good KPIs don’t come from a technical system and cannot be built in...
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How to Measure Non-Profit Outcomes
Whether it’s community development, environmental protection, or human rights, non-profits exist to make...
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Return on Outcome Versus Return on Investment
ROI is a financial metric that demonstrates something was worth doing. But not...
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How to Find Example KPIs That Are Meaningful
We can’t find perfect example KPIs, but by following these 6 steps, we...
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The 9 Steps to Performance Measurement Mastery
Performance measurement mastery is like anything else – how long it takes depends...
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Calculate Your Performance Measurement Maturity Score
The journey to performance measurement maturity has 10 critical milestones. Which one is...
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Why Leaders Delay Better Measurement When They Need it Most
When an organisation is undergoing a lot of change, performance measurement is one...
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How Measuring Actions Causes Problems
We choose certain actions to improve results. But the act of measuring these...
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How Does Each Step of PuMP Create Great KPIs?
Performance measurement is a process. And when the steps of that process work...
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In God We Trust, All Others Bring Data
Deming’s famous t-shirt quote, in God we trust, all others must bring data,...
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Why Does Every Public, For-Profit and Non-Profit Organisation Need KPIs?
If you only have rudimentary knowledge of KPIs and performance measurement, can you...
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How Long Does it Take to Implement KPIs?
Many factors mess with a perfect KPI implementation. Some we can control, some...
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Not All That Matters Can Be Measured
Einstein famously said this, that not all that matters can be measured. But...
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How to Align Measurement to Your Planning & Reporting Framework
Many local governments have integrated planning and reporting frameworks, but how good are...
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Why We Struggle With Actions Versus Results
Goals should be result-oriented, by definition. But we often see action-oriented goals in...
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Are Your Goals Too Broad to Measure?
Some goals are broad, and when we unravel them, there can actually be...
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The KPI Knowledge Everyone In The Organisation Needs
Different people in our organisations need different KPI knowledge, based on how they...
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Tell Me How You Measure Me…
Eli Goldratt is often quoted as saying “tell me how you will measure...
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How to Speak About Better Alignment of Measures to Outcomes
When you have colleagues that confuse activity as evidence of success, try this...
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How to Know if Your Performance Measurement Approach is Working
Here are six indicators you can track, easily, to know how well your...
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If You Can’t Measure It…
One of Drucker’s famous quotes is that if you can’t measure it, you...
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When Your KPI Is Not Apples With Apples
Performance measurement is about comparison. But if we need to be very careful...
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