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The Steps of PuMP in Detail
While this won’t teach you how to implement PuMP for great KPIs, it...
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How Can You Prove They Need Better KPIs?
No-one will put effort and time into better performance measures or KPIs, if...
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4-Step Recipe for Writing a Quantitative Measure
Writing a good performance measure requires four essential parts to make it both...
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How to Build a KPI Example to Engage Anyone
You can create a KPI example that can quickly engage leaders or colleagues...
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How to Test if Leaders Mistakenly Believe They Are KPI Masters
It’s impossible for an organisation to master proper performance measurement when the leadership...
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3 Ways to Successfully Adopt a New KPI Approach
Brook Rolter, our licensed PuMP Contractor based in the US, shares his experience...
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A New KPI Approach is not a Bolt-On, it’s a Rebuild
If an organisation is going to adopt a better performance measurement approach, the...
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How to Find Lead Indicators
Lead indicators can be powerful performance measures for predicting and influencing our lag...
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5 Reasons Why Their KPIs Are Wrong For You
It’s easy to adopt KPIs from other organisations in your industry. But look...
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The Balanced Scorecard Doesn’t Properly Cascade and Align KPIs
Balanced Scorecard Strategy Maps are popular, but they are not the best way...
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How the United Nations Used PuMP’s Results Map to Measure Value
The PuMP Results Map facilitated a paradigm shift in the approach recommended by...
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How Good Performance Measurement Equals Strategy Implementation
There are four things that are vital to strategy execution or implementation, that...
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What is a Performance Gap?
Every KPI or performance measure linked to your strategy will have a performance...
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Do You Have a Goal-Measure Mismatch?
A goal-measure mismatch means that the evidence your measures or KPIs provide doesn’t...
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Is Profit The Ultimate Measure of Business Success?
Many people still believe that the purpose of business is make a profit, that financial success is the ultimate measure
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3 Best Ways to Build Your Organisation’s Measurement Maturity
Because KPI mastery doesn’t come naturally, here are three things that can help...
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You Can Only Meaningfully Measure a Goal You Understand
You might think you understand your goal, but when you struggle to measure...
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Why Does Every Public, For-Profit and Non-Profit Organisation Need KPIs?
If you only have rudimentary knowledge of KPIs and performance measurement, can you...
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10 Bad Assumptions About OKRs Versus KPIs
Here are 10 assumptions about what OKRs are, compared to what KPIs are,...
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Can One KPI Monitor More Than One Goal?
Not really. There are three problems you have, if you find that one...
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Psychologically Safe Performance Measurement
To make performance measurement meaningful, we have to make it psychologically safe, and...
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Can You Implement Better KPIs Without Leadership Support?
What happens if you try to implement better KPIs without the support of...
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Using Measures Badly is No Excuse to Not Use Measures
There are huge unintentional costs to using performance measures badly, but those costs...
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Should ESG be a Strategic Perspective?
Is it better to add ESG as its own strategic perspective, or use...
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How to Recognise and Avoid Bad KPI Advice
If you’re searching for KPI advice, here’s how to recognise the good from...
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How to Stop Measuring People
Measuring people to improve performance doesn’t work. So how can we stop measuring...
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Make Measurement About Leaders’ Priorities, Not About Measures
Leaders won’t measure performance as an end in itself. In fact, they won’t...
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How to Measure ESG Performance
ESG – or Environmental Social and Governance – performance measures abound, but which...
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Which Performance Measure Method Produces the Best KPIs
This research shows with performance measure method produces KPIs that have the best...
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How Do KPIs Integrate with EFQM, Baldrige and ABEF?
Business excellence models like EFQM, Baldrige and ABEF put priority on proper performance...
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