Make Measurement Meaningful

by Stacey Barr |

This excerpt of the full white paper explains the missing piece to measure performance meaningfully.

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The missing piece to measure performance meaningfully? It’s a deliberate approach to doing it.

In fact, often they’re not even aware of the approach they’re following, let alone whether it works or not.

Leaders, managers and strategy and performance professionals alike can sometimes forget that performance measurement isn’t about filling up the KPI column in the strategic plan. It’s not a bureaucratic hoop to jump through.

When we are deliberate about measuring what matters, and measuring it well, we reach our goals sooner and with less effort.

And what that means is we can routinely get returns on our investment in measuring performance (ROIs) of a hundred times or more.

This ROI includes the investments we make in our improvement initiatives: if we spend time and money on our business, we need to be sure it improves performance of our business.

The better our approach to measuring performance, the fewer struggles we have. The fewer struggles, the more engagement we get. The more engagement, the more targets we reach. The better we get at reaching meaningful targets, the greater return we get on our improvement initiatives.

Getting the results that matter for the least effort is exactly what a high-performance organisation is. And meaningful measurement is its cornerstone.

We can build a meaningful measurement approach through stages, like those to the left. Each stage takes on a common struggle and replaces its root cause with measurement practices that work.

Download this white paper to explore these struggles, their underlying causes and some suggested actions to make it easier, faster and more engaging to measure performance well.

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