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Debbie Brown, Stacey’s Program Manager

Debbie manages all of our private and public PuMP and EBL workshops, our PuMP Certification Program, and our global team of PuMP Partners and PuMP Contractors. She also takes care of our customer and subscriber communication.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61 1800 883 458

Debbie’s Airline career, which spanned over 15 years, focused on frontline customer service and aircraft dispatch. Debbie has been trained in how to manage multiple tasks simultaneously whilst not loosing sight of customers’ needs. This high-pressure customer-oriented experience gave her the skills needed to manage each of Stacey’s events and programs (like the EBL Program and PuMP Blueprint Workshops) and to support our global team of PuMP Partners.

Debbie has been working alongside Stacey for over 13 years. Her favourite part of working in the Stacey Barr Pty Ltd team is the amazing support shared among our team members, the satisfaction of seeing a workshop come together, and upon its completion, reading the great feedback we receive from our clients.

Mark Hocknell, Australia and Asia-Pacific

PuMP® Partner
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +61 0438 451 405


Mark joined our PuMP® Partner team in 2007. He is licensed to use PuMP in performance measurement consulting, and also teach in-house PuMP Blueprint Workshops.

Mark has worked with dozens of organisations from the ‘C’ level to the operational team level to implement performance management and measurement process and practice. He has applied the PuMP methodology to the full range of organisations – from asset intensive utilities, local authorities, non-profits, state and federal government departments/agencies to large manufacturers and small-to-medium sized businesses.

While Mark now leads all our public and in-house PuMP Blueprint Workshops in Australia and Asia-Pacific, he has extensive experience in PuMP implementation and supporting organisations of all sizes to get the most of out of measuring the right things. To support his implementation skills, Mark has 10 years experience as a management consultant, 8 years (part time) as a sessional academic with the QUT Graduate School of Business and previously 16 years in corporate management. He holds an MBA, change management qualifications and is a Net Promoter Certified Associate.

Mark has integrated PuMP into business practice to enhance planning outcomes, benefits identification and management, and even performance agreements between managers and teams.

Meet Mark in his video about PuMP, his video about EBL.

Peter Ndaa, Africa (based in Kenya)

Chief Executive, BSEA
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +254 707 968982 or +254 (0)202 385983

Peter is a strategy and performance management specialist best known for using approaches that make it simple and practical for organizations to design and implement their strategies. He is the founder and CEO of BSEA with over 15 years experience in financial and strategic management at the C-Suite and in consulting.

With Peter’s extensive experience in strategy development and the Balanced Scorecard, he appreciates the importance of a practical performance measurement methodology that compliments his approach to strategy development and implementation. So Peter became a valued member of our PuMP® Partner team in 2013.

Peter offers public and in-house PuMP Blueprint Workshops and also PuMP consulting to support our customers in Africa.

Njeri Faith, Africa (based in Kenya)

Change Leadership and Polarity Management Practitioner
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +254 707 968982

Njeri is a change leadership and polarity management Specialist, a Certified Polarity Approach to Continuity and Transformation (PACT™) Process trainer and consultant, a licensed PuMP Performance Measurement trainer, a change management lead trainer with APMG (UK), and certified Balanced Scorecard Master Professional.

Njeri’s career started in the healthcare industry where she was introduced to the value of managing the Continuity and Transformation paradox – after going through five major merges in the same organisation – a polarity that the industry must manage to be able to continuously keep up with the ever changing technological, disease patterns, new discoveries for the treatment of diseases and political reforms and policy initiatives. In the last 15 years Njeri has built on this experience as she works with different systemic models to support organisations through stability and change.

Njeri has over the years trained and consulted for Boards, executives, managers and individuals in change leadership, polarity management, self-leadership, KPIs and balanced scorecards in organisations cutting across different industries in Africa.

Njeri offers in-house PuMP Blueprint Workshops and also PuMP consulting to support our customers across Africa.

Louise Watson, North America

President, Adura Strategy
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 604-924-4545

Louise’s consulting practice focuses on helping leaders achieve “dust-free strategies” – strategies that are regularly used because they are understood, owned, and evaluated by teams across an organization. Because of her belief in achieving strategy that is “dust-free”, Louise is committed to proper and practical performance measurement, and has been part of our PuMP® Partner team since 2013.

Louise offers the public and in-house PuMP Blueprint Workshops, the Evidence-Based Leadership (EBL) Program, and PuMP consulting to support our customers in Canada and the United States.

Brook Rolter, USA

Director, Rolter Associates
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +1 703 628 0340

Brook’s consulting practice focuses on integrating strategy, management, and organizational change to improve performance. For more than 25 years he has worked with private, federal, and non-profit organizations developing and implementing practical approaches to define, deploy and execute strategy, measure organizational performance, and implement practical changes to “move performance up and to the right”.

Brook is a licensed PuMP® Partner, certified Balanced Scorecard Master Professional (BSMP), and a former examiner for the Malcom Baldrige National Quality Award. He holds an MBA in Strategy and Finance from UCLA, a BSME from Cornell University, and certifications in Organization Development, Change Management, Design Thinking, and Graphic facilitation.

Brook offers in-house PuMP Blueprint Workshops and consulting to support our customers in the United States.

Paul Frith, United Kingdom

Co-founder and Director, Performance Measurement & Analytics, Rubica
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +44 333 241 3008
Mobile: +44 7900 581181

Paul is a performance measurement & analytics specialist and co-founder of Rubica: Change & Analytics. He has worked both internally and as a consultant to deliver business and performance transformation. Paul works closely with C-level and lead team members to identify how they can use measurement and insight to change and improve their organisational performance.

In a previous role as CEO of an analytics business (where he initially started working with the PuMP methodology) Paul re-vitalised the business, increasing EBIT fourfold whilst simultaneously growing revenue by 40%, enabling the shareholders to exit through a trade sale. Key to success was the use of analytic performance measurement – which supported new behaviours and identified areas for process improvement whilst encouraging greater people engagement and development.

Ayça Tümer Arıkan, Europe (based in Turkey)

Founder, Performance Measure Expert, Promeas
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +90 535 3015705

Ayça works as a measurement consultant/mentor since 2017 to help companies in their journey to become high performing organizations with the use of measurement in a meaningful way. She facilitates PuMP® implementations for her clients to ensure they get the most value from their measures and to help them achieve their business results.

She has experience in facilitating operational teams with PuMP to help them get aligned with the organization’s strategy and reach their goals.

She is a statistician with an MBA degree and has 14 years of experience in performance measurement and analytics in the private sector.

Ayça joined the PuMP® team in 2020 and offers PuMP® consulting as a licensed PuMP® Contractor to support our customers in Turkey, Europe and the UK.

Harald Matzke, Europe (based in Germany)

Harald Matzke, PuMP Contractor, Germany, Switzerland & Austria
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +49 177 3945114

Harald has worked with PuMP since 2014 after attending a PuMP Blueprint Workshop, facilitated by Stacey Barr in the Netherlands. After completion of the course, he passed his first PuMP Certification in 2015 and had implemented PuMP in his own company, cubus AG, a software and consulting company for Business Intelligence and Performance Management. PuMP was introduced and used at the top level of cubus, as well as in all teams. PuMP was an important fundament to the agile, role-based, hierarchy-free leadership model introduced in 2017. From 1992 to 2019, Harald was CFO and CEO at cubus, prior to selling the business to another German software company.

Harald left cubus at the end of 2020 after the successful integration of cubus into the new group and is now an independent consultant. Supporting companies in turning their potential into important results is the core focus of his work as a Business Performance Team Coach.

Before founding cubus, he completed a degree in business administration and IT and worked for 7 years in various roles at Hewlett Packard GmbH.

Harald joined the PuMP team in 2021 and offers PuMP consulting as a licensed PuMP® Contractor to support our customers in Europe and mainly in the German speaking countries. He fluently speaks German, French and English.

Don’t hesitate to contact him for German translations of PuMP material.

Gohar Orozco Assoian, Spain, Portugal & LATAM

Co-founder and managing partner, Barev Consulting
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +34 608-185-975

Gohar is co-founder of Barev Consulting, a boutique firm based in Barcelona that specializes in transforming organizational potential into high performance. Her expertise is in strategic performance measurement, with a strong emphasis on what truly matters most. This expertise gives her work in business performance improvement a special edge, too.

Gohar has an MBA degree in international business, and has held finance and sales positions in import/export, book publishing and M&A. She first discovered the true impact of measurement in improving and managing organizational performance while helping to build a private holding company with over 10 independent businesses.

After following PuMP for many years, Gohar pursued her PuMP Certification in early 2023 and joined our PuMP team in 2024. As a licensed PuMP® Contractor, she focuses on PuMP coaching and consulting to support our customers in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. A true citizen of the world, Gohar is fluent in English, Spanish, Armenian and Russian.

Kristian Orozco Figueroa, Spain, Portugal & LATAM

Co-founder and managing partner, Barev Consulting
Email: [email protected]
Phone: +34 608-280-369

Kristian is co-founder of Barev Consulting, a boutique firm based in Barcelona that specializes in transforming organizational potential into high performance. He specializes in performance leadership, business strategy, and organization design, and is a strong advocate for evidence-based decision-making and the importance of good measurement in strategy execution.

While still living in New York, Kristian started his coaching and consulting practice 14 years ago. Since then, he has been certified in numerous innovative business frameworks, tools and methodologies, including leadership coaching (iPEC), strategic alignment and enterprise leadership (Saïd Business School, University of Oxford), strategy implementation (SII), and emotional intelligence (ISEI).

Upon first reading Stacey’s book, Prove It! in 2021, Kristian strongly resonated with the Evidence-Based Leadership model and principles. Coupled with his business partner’s (Gohar’s) keen interest in PuMP, he was inspired to join our PuMP licensee team in 2024. As a licensed PuMP® Contractor, Kristian focuses on PuMP Evidence-Based Leadership consulting to support our clients in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. Kristian is fluent in English and Spanish.


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