The 10 Secrets to KPI Success – Free KPI Training

Discover your bad KPI habits, and what to replace them with, in this free video course…

End some of your KPI struggles with this free KPI training video course…

Most people struggle to find good KPIs and performance measures – and struggle to get them to improve performance – because of the performance measurement practices they have. Many of the most common KPI practices, paradoxically, are actually bad habits that cause our struggles!

If you want better performance measures and KPIs, and want faster and bigger performance improvement in your organisation or business, you simply have to do something different to what you’ve been doing.

Quickly learn some little-known but very powerful tips to successful KPIs

In this free KPI training course “The 10 Secrets to KPI Success” you will learn what the bad KPI habits are, and the secrets to changing those habits and unleashing the transformational power of performance measurement. The course consists of 10 x 5-minute video lessons:

Lesson 1: Your KPI struggles are the same as everyone’s!
Lesson 2: The True Role of Performance Measurement
Lesson 3: Why Your Strategy is Immeasurable
Lesson 4: Your KPIs are Lame!
Lesson 5: Why Your KPIs Don’t Get Off the Ground
Lesson 6: The Waste in Your KPI Process
Lesson 7: Why KPI Reports Don’t Contain Insights
Lesson 8: How Your KPIs Are Misleading You!
Lesson 9: Where the KPI Rubber Hits the Road
Lesson 10: Performance Measurement is an Investment, Not a Cost

How it works:

When you sign up for “The 10 Secrets to KPI Success” training course, I will send you an email every few days with the next 5-minute lesson for you. This will help pace you through the course. But once you register, you can access all the lessons if you want to hit it hard!

You’ll also be supported by my monthly practical tips email newsletter Measure Up, read by many thousands of leaders, managers, strategy and performance professionals, and data scientists around the world.

It shares tips, case studies, expert interviews, tools and techniques for measuring the hard stuff, engaging people in performance measurement, and using measures to drive fundamental and transformational improvement.

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