Making Time to Measure Better

by Stacey Barr |

This is a digest of all that I’ve written so far on making time to measure better. The irony is that if we don’t make time for better measurement now, we’ll have even less time for it in the future. In other words, all the reasons why we don’t have time to measure are the very reasons why we need to.

Following is a list of simple tips, extracted from a bunch of articles on making time to measure performance. I suggest just pick one of them, and start practicing it now.

Tip #1: Start small with 1 hour a week. Lock it in your calendar as an appointment and use it to learn more about measuring, or improve your current measuring. //

Tip #2: Highlight the time-saving power of measuring by listing all the wasted effort and rework people are doing because of underperforming processes. //

Tip #3: Rank your priorities and drop the bottom 10%. Simply stop doing the bottom 10% – they are likely to have consequences far less than failing to measure what matters. //

Tip #4: Delay tasks that really aren’t that urgent. When you can’t delete, delegate or downsize a task, check if you can in fact delay it. Will any small children die if you put it off until next month? //

Tip #5: Measure just one area of performance, such as one goal or output or outcome or objective. You don’t need to start with the utopian corporate measurement framework. //


Do you have a hot tip for making time to measure performance better?

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