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How You Can Use PuMP With Your Colleagues & Clients

PuMP is a registered trademark and a proprietary methodology, created by Stacey Barr.

Most people will formally learn PuMP either through a public or in-house  PuMP® Blueprint Workshop or via self-paced online learning with the PuMP® Blueprint Online Program.

A large volume of resources are made available to you when you participate in any of these training methods:

  • reference workbooks, including copies of PowerPoint slides and detailed instructions for implementing the PuMP techniques
  • templates for each PuMP step
  • case studies
  • member access to online training videos and audios (in the PuMP Blueprint Online Program)

All these resources are the intellectual property of Stacey Barr. We want you to make the best use of PuMP after your training, and we want to protect the integrity, reputation and investment Stacey has built into the PuMP methodology. So we have set the following guidelines for how you may use PuMP and the resources your training provided to you:

  • You are free to use the templates and case studies with your colleagues, within the organisation at which you are employed. You may copy these templates and case studies electronically or in print. You may use these templates and case studies as you facilitate Measures Teams to apply PuMP with your guidance.
  • The online training videos and audios, and the workbooks in any format, are for your personal reference only,  just like a single use software license. These resources cannot be copied and shared with any other person, nor can you give any other person access to these resources via your membership.
  • If you are a consultant who wishes to use PuMP with your clients, you will need a PuMP Partner or Contractor license. You may use the templates and case studies within your own business. However, you are not permitted to commercialise PuMP nor position yourself as a PuMP provider without a license. This means you are not permitted to provide any coaching, facilitating or training in PuMP to your clients. If you wish to be supported and recognised as licensed PuMP consultant and trainer, you can apply to join our global PuMP Partner team.
  • At all times, any PuMP materials you use need to retain the copyright information and reference to the PuMP Blueprint.

If you have any questions, please contact us as [email protected].

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