Getting Leadership Support for KPIs

Getting Leadership Support for KPIs

How to get leadership support for KPIs and performance measures.

Getting managers and executives to value and support performance measurement – and give your KPI plans the green light – is really about getting their buy-in. And because they are usually savvy decision makers with very little time to give to anything not currently on their radar, your arguments for measurement have to be swift, strong and timely.

Try some of these ideas, to drop into the odd conversation or meeting you have with said managers or executives:


Managing Up: How to Engage Managers & Executives to Measure What Matters

In this free webcast, the spotlight is on the practical strategies you can take to manage upwards, and give your managers and executives every chance to understand and appreciate the value of measuring what matters – and give their support to it’s full implementation.

Listen or download now…

View From The Top: How to Talk About KPIs With C-level Executives

In this interview, Stacey asks Gary Cokins of SAS about his great experience in working with C-level executives on the issues of performance measurement and performance management.

  • How most executives feel about performance management: their concerns, fears, hesitancies in embracing it.
  • When performance management is working really well, how it benefits executives (i.e. what’s in it for them?).
  • The DVF formula and how it helps performance measurement practitioners who want to influence their senior management team to appreciate the power of measuring and managing performance.
  • Where performance management is going now, in some of the world’s leading organizations.

Performance Measurement Diagnostic Discussion

Following the performance measurement framework of PuMP, this diagnostic tool will facilitate a discussion about how performance measurement currently stands in your organisation, and will broaden people’s awareness of what good performance measurement is really all about.

Try a performance measure pilot

In our PuMP Blueprint training (the public workshop, the in-house workshop, and the online program) we emphasise that your first implementation of the PuMP Performance Measure Blueprint is with a pilot, and we give you the tips and guidelines for running one. It’s a powerful way to safely test a better approach to performance measurement, and demonstrate the return on investment of good measures or KPIs.

Here’s a taster for how to do a KPI pilot.

Gather case studies of high performing organisations

It’s not likely that an organisation (or human endeavour, for that matter) is super successful without measurement. Think of organisations like Google, Motorola, GE, Virgin and Apple. What are some examples of high performers in your industry or sector? Find their stories and conveniently cross your manager’s or executive’s path with them.

You can start with a few case studies on the Measure Up blog.

A bunch of tips from the blog

You can sift through the ever-growing collection of practical tips on the Measure Up blog on this very topic of getting executive support for performance measurement and improvement.

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