Getting KPI Training

Getting KPI Training

How to get the right KPI training to develop good performance measures.

If you want to learn how to find the right performance measures, you will need KPI training that offers more than trivial instructions to brainstorm them.

The following resources provide both free and for-a-fee options for comprehensive, rigourous and proven training in KPIs and performance measurement:


The 10 Secrets to KPI Success

This is KPI training option is a free online course. It’s an introduction to a very fresh and practical alternative way of thinking about performance measurement.

It discusses the struggles most people have with performance measurement (like finding meaningful measures, measuring intangible goals, getting buy-in, and more). And it explains why these struggles happen.

Over the ten 5-minute lessons, you will discover 10 new secrets that can dramatically shift how well performance measures can accelerate your performance improvement.

10 Mindset Shifts to Unleash the Transformative Power of Performance Measurement

This is a 1 hour audio class is a simple KPI training on how to think differently about measuring performance. It’s about the “10 Mindset Shifts to Unleash the Transformative Power of Performance Measurement“. In summary, the mindset shifts are:

  • Mindset Shift 1: A continuous improvement philosophy.
  • Mindset Shift 2: A results focus (not activity focus).
  • Mindset Shift 3: Patterns, not points (understand variation).
  • Mindset Shift 4: Statistics & numbers aren’t hard.
  • Mindset Shift 5: Absolutely no blame (curiosity instead).
  • Mindset Shift 6: A bias for action (learn by doing).
  • Mindset Shift 7: Process thinking.
  • Mindset Shift 8: Systems thinking.
  • Mindset Shift 9: No failure, only feedback.
  • Mindset Shift 10: Performance measurement is PART of your job.

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The PuMP Performance Measure Blueprint Workshop (public workshop or in-house workshop)

This 2-day public KPI training workshop, which I run several times a year, is one of the best ways to learn the step by step process of performance measurement, from deciding what results to measure, designing measures, getting buy-in, through to reporting and using measures for performance improvement.

Find our next scheduled Performance Measure Blueprint Workshop now (this takes you to the detailed workshop webpage). Or ask us about hosting your own in-house PuMP Blueprint Workshop for your team or organisation.

The PuMP Performance Measure Blueprint Online Program

This is another online option for KPI training. You can learn the step by step process of performance measurement very conveniently in our PuMP Performance Measure Blueprint Online Program.

Each step is delivered to you via videos, downloadable workbooks, templates and clear implementation instructions.

Read more about the Performance Measure Blueprint Online Program now, and start your lifetime membership.

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