Getting KPI Buy-in

Getting KPI Buy-in

How to get buy-in for performance measurement and KPIs.

You won’t get very far (in fact, you’ll probably go backwards) in trying to establish good performance measurement in a culture that just won’t buy in to it. You’ll be battling against people who are:

  • fearful about what the performance measures will mean for their finances, self-worth and status
  • cynical and tired of performance measurement failures in the past
  • busy doing their everyday job (they’ll call it their “real work”)

If this sounds like your battle, then the following resources may be of some assistance:


KPIs Work With Buy-in, Not Sign-off

Buy-in is choice. Sign-off is obligation. Choice has loads more energy, that sustains itself longer, than does obligation. For buy-in to KPIs and performance measurement, people must be involved because they choose to, and not because they’re obliged to.

And this is the secret to successful measurement: create the conditions for people to buy in to KPIs, not just sign off on them.

Stop Killing The KPI Buy-in!

Buy-in is that state when people are committed to something, when they are convinced of its worth for them and no longer have objections or fears that get in their way of adopting it. It’s when they feel a sense of ownership about it. Most of us want our people to feel this way about performance measurement, but we don’t realise that we might actually be getting in the way of buy-in naturally occuring!

Read this article for tips on how to engage staff in performance measurement.

How Should You Measure Employee Performance?

Performance Appraisal, Individual Performance Review, Personal Performance Development Plan. There are numerous names for this artifact of the post-1990’s organisation, but they are names for basically the same concept: the measurement, review, evaluation and management of the performance of an employee. And it is one of the most contentious management processes of them all!

Read some thoughts about two schools of thought about measuring people.

What’s YOUR Definition of Accountability?

What I always find is that people aren’t really sure how to define accountability. If you need to use the word ‘accountable’ or ‘responsible’ when you define it, you’re not really defining it. And if you say that it’s about delivering some quantitative outcome, you shouldn’t wonder why people shy away from being held accountable.

I invite you to consider a more useful definition of accountability.

How To Get KPI Buy-In From Middle And Frontline Managers

Without support from managers, any measurement or KPI effort will fall on its face. At least eventually. Having their support up front means that the right time and resources will be given to make the measurement effort a success.

There are some simple questions to start a dialogue with managers, to encourage their buy-in.

Creating Authentic Urgency for Better KPIs

A sense of urgency is what’s needed to spark people’s buy-in to getting better KPIs. But it must be authentic, and speak to the head and the heart. Complacency is a hard thing to shift, especially for something like measurement. Most people just don’t love it.

Here’s one way to build some urgency for better measurement, by examining what poor measurement is really costing you.

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