Where to find example KPIs and measures

Where to find example KPIs and performance measures

First, be aware of the risks.

If you think you’re going to find meaningful performance measures or meaningful KPIs by trawling around on the internet, think again!

Sure, you can get some good ideas, but there are some risks you have to acknowledge first:

  • rarely are sample measures described in enough detail for you to understand exactly how to compute them
  • you simply must be clear about your results before you look for potential measures – otherwise you just end up measuring what’s easy (and rarely is that what’s useful)
  • adopting other people’s measures is the same as adopting their strategy (and it may not be right for your organisation)
  • adopting some measures and telling staff that’s what’s going to be used will not get you any buy-in

Now, I’ll step off my soapbox, assuming that you’ve heeded the warning, and give you a few resources for finding potential measures for your organisation:

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