How to measure people performance

How to measure people’s performance

I’ll be honest, right up front. I don’t believe in measuring people’s performance. There’s just too much anecdotal and research evidence that suggests it does more harm that good.

I find it useful not to think “how should I measure these people?” but rather to think first about “what results are important for these people to help achieve for the organisation?”

Then help teams to set up performance measures that they use as tools to work on the business, rather than the measures being tools to judge the people. Have you heard that saying that comes from the quality movement that 95% of the performance problems are in the work processes, and only 5% are with the people?

If you are adamant about finding KPIs to measure people, you won’t find any advice on this site. But if you’re interested to learn how KPIs or measures can be great tools to drive collaboration and continuous improvement for the betterment of the whole organisation or business, read on:

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