PuMP Re-Certification

How to renew your PuMP Certification in the PuMP Performance Measure Blueprint Methodology

If you currently hold the PuMP Certification qualification, but it is due to expire, you are eligible to take the exam and renew your PuMP Certification.

Why renew your PuMP Certification?

The reason for the expiration of five years is that the PuMP Blueprint methodology is something that we believe needs to be practiced regularly, and updated as the methodology evolves over time, to retain up-to-date knowledge and skill.  Having a requirement for re-certification ensures the value of the certification as something that is an objective indicator of current knowledge.

Before you renew your PuMP Certification…

While study and revision time is not monitored, we encourage a minimum 8 hours revision time to comprehensively study the 8 steps of the PuMP methodology to give you the best possible outcome when sitting the PuMP Exam to renew your certification. You have a few options if you want to refresh your PuMP knowledge:

  • Review your PuMP Blueprint Workbook and Case Study, and re-do the activities in each PuMP step
  • Register for the PuMP Online Program – ask us for a coupon to save 50%
  • Attend an in-house PuMP Blueprint Workshop hosted by your organisation – let us know and we’ll take 50% off the fee for your attendance
  • Attend a public PuMP Blueprint Workshop – ask us for a coupon to save 10%

We’ve also put together a few tips below to help prepare yourself for when you resit the exam:

  • Have a good internet connection.
  • Choose a space without interruption or distraction.
  • Spend time reviewing the workbook and case study, especially the PuMP technique slides and the explanation pages that follow these throughout the workbook.
  • Pace yourself well through the exam – with a full minute per question to read it and review all the options and to check again the option selected.

Renew your PuMP Certification here…

You will need to pay a certification fee of $200AUD (plus GST for Aussies) and take the PuMP Exam online.  You’ll have a one hour time limit to answer 40 multiple-choice questions (chosen at random from a pool of 80 multiple-choice questions), and you’ll get your score immediately. A score of 75% is needed to pass. We will send out your new certificate as a pdf within 2 weeks of your passing the exam.

You can read more and register for the exam here.


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