The 6 Prerequisites for Great KPIs

“The 6 Prerequisites for Great KPIs”

If you start your search for KPIs too soon, you’ll end up struggling. The 6 prerequisites for great KPIs can help!

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About this webinar:

My friend Louise Watson is a strategy specialist (her company is Adura Strategy). When we got to talking about strategy recently, we realised we shared a very similar idea:

Louise: “dust-free strategy”
Stacey: “dust-repellent strategy”

What do we mean? We mean a strategy that people are compelled to use routinely and deliberately, one that doesn’t gather dust on the shelf after the bureaucratic planning hoops have been jumped through.

Every dust-free and dust-repellent strategy has a few essential features. And some of these features, I’ve learned, are prerequisites for great KPIs. Want to know what these prerequisites are?

In this webinar you’ll discover:

  1. The subtle clues of the looming trouble you’re about to have in finding the right KPIs.
  2. What the 6 things are you must do first if you want meaningful performance measures or KPIs.
  3. How to get these 6 things done so your strategy is executable, and so your KPIs are meaningful.

We also launched the first-ever Vancouver PuMP Performance Measure Blueprint Workshop on this webinar, which is open for registration here!

Watch the replay here:

The webinar replay is a large file (60 minutes of video), and it will take a while to download via the media player below. While it gets started, perhaps you’d like to go grab a coffee or tea or water, and a notepad and pen, so you can settle in and watch it in comfort.

If you have Windows Media Player installed, you can view a larger version of the video replay by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy the webinar. Did you get the coupon code to save an additional 5% at our Vancouver PuMP Blueprint Workshop on 2nd and 3rd October?

Smiles, Stacey.

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