BOOK REVIEW: Chief Performance Officer, by Anthony Politano

by Stacey Barr |

2 Stars — It’s not even half of the potential of the CPO

The true potential of the Chief Performance Officer role is to be the leader of an organisation’s or company’s performance culture. In other words, the CPO leads people from top to bottom in the organisation to adopt evidence-based decision making, to measure what matters, and to use measures to guide the improvement of business processes and results for stakeholders.

A CPO needs a range of skills and tools to do this: they must have an excellent appreciation of strategic and operational planning and execution, excellent skills in helping people to choose relevant measures, implement those measures and use those measures in decision making. They must be great with people, and skilled at facilitating people through the fears and concerns and complexities of meaningfully measuring what matters.

The CPO is so much more than “a heads-up display for the CEO”. They are leaders, and leaders in a field that most organisations and companies struggle with more than any other management discipline. Mastering performance measurement and performance management is more about people issues than about the technology and tools that this book focuses on.

Read it along with Dean R. Spitzer’s “Transforming Performance Measurement” and you’ll understand what I mean.

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