BOOK REVIEW: Metrics, by Martin Klubeck

by Stacey Barr |

4 Stars — Practical performance measurement wisdom from the trenches…
Marty Klubeck’s fresh and practical perspective on how to measure what matters fills a gap in the performance measurement literature. It’s the most important gap to fill: the how-to and step-by-step details of how to decide what is important to measure, what the measures should be, and how to use those measures to get business process performance to improve.

Marty’s approach is from his rich experience of many years in the trenches, and it means we can learn without making the same mistakes. I love Marty’s philosophy on keeping it simple, on being realistic about measures being indicators and not truth, on involving people to get their buy-in, and in using measures to improve business processes as the primary focus (not about using measures to blame or judge people – which assuredly destroys buy-in and sabotages real improvement).

I gave this book 4 stars rather than 5 simply because there are a few great practices in the area of presentation and interpretation of performance measures that this book has missed, and that I believe are vitally important to really get the full value from measures.

But make sure this book is in your personal performance measurement library, because you’ll learn a great deal from it and refer to it time and again. It’s in my personal library and I often refer to it also.

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