A KPI Approach Self-Assessment

February 12, 2018 by Stacey Barr

If you want good KPIs, your KPI approach has to be good. Use this KPI approach self-assessment to find out if yours is a good one.

A good KPI approach is not a list of measures to choose from. It’s not boxes to align them to. It’s not the opinion of self-proclaimed experts. And it’s not the demands of stakeholders who themselves have no proven mastery in good KPI development.

A good KPI approach has the 8 essential criteria that any good methodology will have:

  1. It’s parts are necessary
  2. The theory is well founded
  3. The theory is proven to work
  4. As a whole, the methodology is comprehensive
  5. The methodology is non-prescriptive
  6. In practice, the methodology is useful
  7. The methodology is practical to implement
  8. Each part of the methodology is transparent

How to do a self-assessment of your KPI approach:

Firstly, download this self-assessment template.

Next, watch this video where I explain each of the 8 criteria of a good KPI methodology:

And finally, follow along with this video, where PuMP Partner Louise Watson and I assess several common KPI approaches against these 8 criteria, as you apply the criteria to your KPI approach (it references another download, an overview of the PuMP Blueprint):


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  1. Tommaso says:

    I liked this article very much. I would like to reproduce it in my blog, but I need it in Spanish. If you don’t have a Spanish version, do I have your permission to translate it? I will send you a copy for your own use if you think I have done a good translating job.

  2. Andy Smith says:

    I am in the process of completing my Masters in Quality Management as one of the questions asked was ” Critically appraise the method in which your Process Measurement system is developed”. In your opinion what would you use to evaluating this. Would you carry out a survey with the performance team or something else.

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